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I completely agree with pretty much all of what G and C are saying above...
And again, I am not any big time expert, I was invited over to do some work in a University here, and I was at it for less than 6 years. So, I know a little bit, but would be the first to point out that I get plenty of things wrong.

Re the farmers getting up to their eyeballs in debt, I had been looking at this sort of thing for a while. Very sad so it is. It's not just seed also, it's machinery, gas, chemicals and a year of back breaking work can literally get washed away.

Really I just want to make the point that, like a lot of things, it's a complicated issue.

I almost feel like it's a developmental stage that one goes through, the realization that you are very fallible in a lot of ways. It's so easy to come to a conclusion and never question it.

Growing up I clearly remember a point when I realized that the fact that there were foreign soldiers driving armored vehicles about and pointing guns at people was not quite as simple as it seems. My entire life till that point I am looking at the people with their funny accents in my country. What on earth are they doing there? Have they ever seen a map? Why are you in my country? Why do you even want to be here? It was baffling.

Then one day we were going across the border, we had our headlights turned off, and the interior lights on as we drove into the concrete maze checkpoint. As we inched through, I look out at a soldier standing in the dark, and a blinding flash of understanding hit me. I realized that those soldiers were just terrified kids from London or something, who didn't want to be there, who were in fact bravely protecting other Irish people. They were protecting us, against ourselves, while trying to cope with being bombed, shot at, shelled, mortared and who knows what else. The rights and wrongs of it could be debated, but everything turned into a lot of shades of grey.

This 180 degree turn in opinion was so shocking, and so sudden I think it affected my whole life. Very few things are as simple as they seem. All of us need to be on the constant lookout for corruption and wrong doing and greed, but we also need to able to see other things too.
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Originally Posted by jack View Post
Calliandra, please be assured that the introduction of the post was desired,needed, and fascinating. This is the issue of the day, and if not addressed by a group like our own that purports to be looking for the answers to wildlife gardening and the health of the biological world, than who would be interested in addressing it?
I agree Jack!

This is a very informative thread.....sort of like a respectcful debate with all sides being presented along with opinions and facts.

I'm getting a good education on this topic with all the detailed explanations and examples posted here.
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