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Default Pharmaceutical Substances Found in Waters of Spain's Doņana National Park

Pharmaceutical Substances Found in Waters of Spain's Doņana National Park
Sep. 28, 2010

Pharmaceutical substances found in waters of Spain's Doņana National Park
excerpt from above:
Researchers from the University of Seville (US) have detected active pharmaceutical substances for the first time in the waters of the Doņana National Park and its surrounding areas. The results suggest eco-toxicological risks for aquatic organisms. The scientists recommend that advanced technologies should be used to treat urban waste water in order to remove these compounds.

Five anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen and salicylic acid), a nervous system stimulant (caffeine), two antibiotics (sulfametoxazol and trimethoprim), two lipid regulators (clofibric acid and gemfibrozil), an anti-epilepsy drug (carbamazepine), a beta blocker (propranolol) and four hormones (three natural: oestrone, 17β-oestradiol and oestriol; and one artificial: 17α-ethynyloestradiol) have all be found in...
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