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That article went **poof**. I’d like to read it if someone can put up a new link. We have some pet chickens that lay eggs so I’m pretty sure I can figure out the basics of it without reading it from my circle of poultry friends. They’re probably talking about cephalosporins as in…. what we use to treat infections like ohhhhh…. bacterial meningitis, urinary tract, and pneumonia. And…. this administration’s still gonna allow the use of older types of cephalosporins…. we just won’t be able to inject them into the eggs of chickens as a prophylactic. Forgot to mention… I read where we’ll be disallowing “unapproved” uses of this class of antibiotics. Since they’re available online and over the counter at farm supplies and since…. it’s common practice using them on livestock not listed on labels…. anyone else beside me thinking… don’t ask don’t tell so they can look like they did us a favor? This is nothing but a bandaid for the sake of appearances so they can throw us a bone while they sanction the continued use of penicillin in livestock. This administration put Vilsack at the helm.... it'll never do anything that would compromise BigPharma or its stakeholders.
But.... think positive everyone!!! There is a way around this… we can buy organic meat and eggs or better yet…. we could all start thinking about raising a few chickens just for eggs in our own backyards. They don’t take up a lot of space. Sure…. there’s a learning curve to backyard chickens but I’m finding it’s not as bad as the learning curve that goes hand in hand with growing more of our own food and… a lot more fun since the chickens are proving to be a source of family entertainment. BTW… organic feed's more expensive than GMO laced crap from the likes of Cargill but… we’re talking only a coupla bucks a bag. 5 chickens go through about a bag a month so we’re literally talking a few dollars… and we’d be supporting small organic farmers while doing our bodies a favor.
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