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Default Transgenic squash super-weeds gone wild

Transgenic squash super-weeds gone wild
Genetically modified squash will contaminate their wild cousins, delighting cucumber beetles everywhere
Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009 17:05 ET
By Andrew Leonard

Transgenic squash super-weeds gone wild - How the World Works - Salon.com
excerpt from above:
Genetically modified corn and soybeans get all the press, but since as far back as 1996, transgenic squash, engineered to include resistance to three of the most deadly squash viruses, has been farmed in both the U.S. and Mexico. Since gene flow from GM crops into their wild counterparts is inevitable, some scientists worry that farmers may be inadvertently creating a race of super squash weeds. This would be a problem, because some varieties of wild squash -- specifically, Texana gourds -- are considered serious weed threats in cotton and soybean fields. This is what happens when you mess with Mother Nature -- your transgenic squash genetically contaminates wild squash which then proliferates through your genetically modified corn and soybean fields.

Or at least that's one theory. Some researchers at Penn State, led by biologist Andrew Stephenson, set out to find out exactly what we can expect to happen as transgenic squash genes migrate into the wild...
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nyah nah de boo boo! See what happens when you mess with Mother Nature???
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