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Default 66,000 pounds of bison meat recalled

CNN, 7/3/2010

from the article:
Five cases of E. coli O157:H7 illnesses in Colorado from June 4 to June 9 are believed to be associated with the products, officials said Friday. The meat was distributed to retail establishments nationwide and to food service distributors in Utah and Arizona. The products, produced between May 21 and May 27, are being recalled by Rocky Mountain Natural Meats of Henderson, Colorado.
Yet their website makes their processing sound clean and safe. huh. Also I noted that the website specifies "grain fed", so wouldn't that mean a feedlot situation?
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The only meat I eat is buffalo. When I first ceased eating meats of the large factory packing plants, I did eat mass produced buffalo from Colorado. Out of curiosity, however, I wanted to make certain that these animals were eating only a natural grass diet and did a bit of research. What I found was that they had stolen a page from the factory beef industry and "supplemented" feeding to "insure consistent quality." When looking at the plant processing building with its awesome size, one can readily see that large numbers of bison are processed together.

Here's the page I read from one of them - go to item 8.
Great Range Brand Bison - Bison Facts

There are, however, small ranchers that offer fully grass fed buffalo, making an effort to replicate the pre-settler life experience of the buffalo on the range. Indeed, they slaughter the animal right on the plains and the animal never lives a moment in forced proximity with the other animals, helping to insure that in the unlikely case one animal is ill, the illness doesn't quickly spread to others. One such place where I've been purchasing my meat with great satisfaction is:

Wild Idea Buffalo

One interesting aspect of this company is that they are interested in restoring the high plains to its former state, and they place a lot of focus on replacing alien grass species with the original natives. They also are proud of the return of native wildlife onto their "restored" plains ranging lands.
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