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worm Monster worm and sea star frenzy

Monster worm and sea star frenzy
Matt Walker
Editor, Earth News

BBC - Earth News - Monster worm and sea star frenzy
excerpt from above:
In the sequence filmed for the Life series, the invertebrates gather in a frenzy to feast on a seal carcass that has sunk to the ocean floor.
So much food may only arrive in one place once in a decade.

The nemertine worms (Parbolasia corrugatus) are able to puncture the seal's skin with their proboscis, opening up the carcass, so that worms and marine isopods such as woodlice can enter to feed...
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What a feeding frenzy. Rivaled any shark feeding frenzy I've ever seen filmed but without the blood. Knock down drag out gorgeous photography. The dead seal was a writhing mass of star fish and 6' long worms. Unnerving but beautiful at the same time.
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