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Default FL Turtle nesting season

Turtle nesting season
Charlotte Sun and Weekly Herald
By Steve Reilly
Staff Writer

Today's Top Story
excerpt from above:
Shore birds have also started to nest on the beaches in large numbers.
More than 210 nests have been found on Manasota Key and Caspersen beaches. According to Wilma Katz and Zoe Bass, the state license holders for Manasota Key, the nesting season appears to be off to a good start -- though both hesitated to predict that this will be a banner year.
As of May 31, Bossman said 22 turtle nests have appeared along her section of Don Pedro and Knight islands. The Boca Grande-Gasparilla Island beaches account for 37 nests and Little Gasparilla Island 16.
"I don't think the public realizes the threat dogs can be to nesting sea birds or the fragility of sea bird nesting," Katz said.
No matter what leash laws allow or don't allow, Katz said she encourages dog owners not to walk their dogs on the beaches while the birds are nesting.
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Sometimes when I go to parks I see dog owners let their dogs run off leash. I cringe when I see somebody allow their dog to chase off squirrels. I wonder why they flat out don't ban dogs from that beach during nesting season.
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When I lived there I went on a "Turtle Walk" with a "Turtle Patrol" on a Sanibel beach late at night and witnessed a huge turtle come ashore, go way up toward the treeline, dig a hole and drop a hundred or so eggs, fill the hole and go back into the water. Amazing thing to see.

We couldn't use flashlights until a turtle was actually depositing eggs when they are driven by instinct and not distracted. Local laws prohibit the use of outdoor lighting during turtle hatching season because they go toward the light, which is supposed to be moonlight on the water.
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