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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
Did you catch that it required litigation to get them to comply with their own policies?
Equilibrium. I have witnessed this first hand. When it comes to the government it's do as I say, not as I do. I had the pleasure of working at Ft Benning in Ga/Ala. replanting native plants on various plots within the base. While there I learned that Ft Benning has been cutting down long leaf pine...complete with red cockaded woodpecker nests. Now the government says that if you cut one down you must replace it....hence some of our reason for being there. BUT Ft. Benning refuses to comply with the Fish and Wildlife in giving them access into these areas to keep Ft. Benning honest in what they are destroying. Why are they destroying it? They closed a tank base in Kentucky I think it was and have moved it to Ft. Benning. Now they need to make more room for the new influx of personel, equipment and whatever else came down with the Kentucky base closure. The Fish and Wildlife agency is not at all happy with the Government but neither are they ready to take legal action against the Government. It frustrated the hell out of me. How can our Government tell me I can't touch a Long Leaf Pine, especially one with the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker nesting in it and yet do that very thing themselves. I do know that someone was planning a lawsuit against them...I forget which agency it was but I've never heard anything more about that. Soooo, until someone takes legal action against Ft. Benning they will continue to destroy Long Leaf Pine and Red-Cockaded habitat.....because they CAN. Disgusting isn't it?
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I'm like totally disgusted too and have been for a while. I do think more and more of us from all walks of life are figuring out there’s been a big time sleight of hand going on even without the benefit of 1st hand experiences like yours… or mine. I mean come on…. these are wildlife refuges….. “for the development, advancement, management, conservation, and protection of fish and wildlife resources”.
From what I’m seeing…. our own government is doing FAR more ecological damage to the wilds than all hunters combined. Personally…. I think a small percentage of hunters demanding forage on federal lands continued to be catered to long after we learned that forage crops like “cheatgrass” did zip nadda nothing to improve ecosystem functions exclusively for the purpose of making future conversions to transgenic crops “easier”… in other words…. let’s displace blame by vilifying all hunters in the minds of the public so……. my take is a little different on amelanchier’s question of why we’re permitting resource malpractice... and what's going on is resource malpractice IMO.... by planting genetically modified crops on wildlife refuges….those “places” bought with our tax $$$ that WERE supposed to be protected and set aside for wildlife NOT Monsanto et al. I think we’ve got a runaway government on our hands that hasn’t served the people in quite a while with long term “cooperative farming” goals of second generation ethanol production to support their sustainable development initiatives. Notice how lately every final environmental assessment submitted includes a finding of no significant impact??? Why all the $$$ sunk into appropriateness and compatibility determinations for our wilds if the goal was conservation>>>>? Watch what they’ll do…. after they’re done letting their BigBiotech “partners” use our wilds as laboratories for their transgenic crops… they’ll move right onto full blown “sustainable” ECONOMIC development of OUR wilds for profit and for carbon credits not conservation. Our government proves time and time again it is not capable of being a good steward to our lands, Emails Show White House Promotes Genetically Engineered Crops in Wildlife Refuges.
FWIW…. I think…. the Fish and Wildlife Agencies have been “crippled” by design. What’s left of those agencies…. is doing amazingly well considering all their people repeatedly get rugs pulled out from under them….. stabbed in the back when they turn around or….. tossed in front of the proverbial bus. These were agencies that were supposed to restore natural habitats and that was fine…. until their activities began competing with sustainable development initiatives. Those agricultural forage fields were supposed to be converted to native plants…. they were supposed to be an interim means by which early successional habitats could be created and look what’s happened…. they’ve been opportunistically converted to transgenic crops instead. Here’s what I think lies at the root of why our wildlife refuges were chosen, Modelling the spatial configuration of refuges for a sustainable control of pests: a case study of Bt cotton - Vacher - 2003 - Journal of Evolutionary Biology - Wiley Online Library, “The ‘high-dose-refuge’ (HDR) strategy is widely recommended by the biotechnology industry and regulatory authorities to delay pest adaptation to transgenic crops that produce Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxins. This involves cultivating nontoxic plants (refuges) in close proximity to crops producing a high dose of Bt toxin. The principal cost associated with this strategy is due to yield losses suffered by farmers growing unprotected, refuge plants. Using a population genetic model of selection in a spatially heterogeneous environment, we show the existence of an optimal spatial configuration of refuges that could prevent the evolution of resistance whilst reducing the use of costly refuges. In particular, the sustainable control of pests is achievable with the use of more aggregated distributions of nontransgenic plants and transgenic plants producing lower doses of toxin. The HDR strategy is thus suboptimal within the context of sustainable agricultural development.” Now tell me…. somebody tell me…. anybody tell me…. how does the adoption and implementation of BigBio's HDR strategy benefit indigenous fauna…. it doesn’t. It benefits multinationals like... Monsanto et al.
"Now the government says that if you cut one down you must replace it....hence some of our reason for being there. BUT Ft. Benning refuses to comply with the Fish and Wildlife in giving them access into these areas to keep Ft. Benning honest in what they are destroying. Why are they destroying it?" Like you said…. because they can.... it's a resource grab AND a control thing, Why are GMO crops being planted in Wildlife Refuges?. You and me know some closed door deals occurred regarding “greater good” changes occurring at Ft. Benning that people like you and me would question and they sure as H E double hockey sticks don’t want anything like the endangered species act standing in their way. They're in there feverishly "clearing" so their PR folk can “unveil” a “green-washed” version of their activities to the public. I’ve no doubt they know exactly what direction they’re going, http://arsweeds.cropsci.illinois.edu/Raghu2011.pdf. Oh and heads up to any whistle blowers out there.... they're employing fear and intimidation tactics, Daily Kos: UPDATE: I was First Whistleblower Prosecuted Under the Espionage Act in Recent Government Rampage.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss
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