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Default Neonicotinoid-free seeds offered by Pioneer in Canada

Neonicotinoid-free seeds offered by Pioneer

Sustain Ontario
By Andreea Nicoara on September 18, 2013
Pioneer, the largest international producer of hybrid seeds, will be selling a neonicotinoid-free option of corn and soybean seeds in Canada.
Read more about Pioneer’s announcement and plan in an article first published in the Western Producer on September 5th, 2013, now available online on the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association website as a featured press release from the Canadian Honey Council
Neonicotinoid-free seeds offered by Pioneer Sustain Ontario

Pioneer Announces Neonicotinoid-Free Seed Offering

Michigan Beekeepers' Association
By Stephen Tilmann, on September 10th, 2013
Is Pioneer reading the writing on the wall? Are the ag companies finally admitting that neonicotinoids are having bad affects on pollinators?

Pioneer, the worlds largest producer of hybrid seeds, has announced that it will be offering a neonicontinoid-free seed for corn and soybean. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this option will only be offered in Canada. Why? According to Dave Harwood, technical services manager for Dupont Pioneer in Eastern Canada who announced the new offering, the neonicotinoid issue is “less visible” in the U.S.

The following is the press release issued by Canadian Honey Council.
Pioneer Announces Neonicotinoid-Free Seed Offering
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Hopefully this summer and the media attention to the bee kills and University findings will finally wake U.S Ag.
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Hey guys.... DuPont owns Pioneer and they’re only releasing those seeds in Canada because they’re in the midst of litigation. Canada is getting sued for a lack of review combined with ignoring all the research backing the bans throughout Europe…. supposedly those seeds being “releasing” are still dependent on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that add to the chemical cocktails threatening our pollinators and public health, Groups sue Canada feds over lack of review for pesticides banned in Europe- AgroNews.
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