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Default Province legalizes white-tailed deer farms

Province legalizes white-tailed deer farms
Natural Resources had ordered 15 illegal deer farms closed following a man's 2011 death
CBC News
Posted: Mar 14, 2013 10:08 AM AT
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2013 7:15 PM AT

Province legalizes white-tailed deer farms - New Brunswick - CBC News
excerpt from above:
The provincial government had given 15 illegal deer farms until June 25 to close their operations or face prosecution following the death of Donald Dubé, who was attacked and killed by a buck in his backyard deer pen in Saint-Léonard in October 2011.

But Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup ended up delaying that decision after illegal deer farm operators complained. Northrup had vowed the industry would first be studied to better understand the risks and benefits of farming white-tailed deer.

On Thursday, Northrup said in a news release the department studied regulations in other provinces and concluded the farms could be operated safely in New Brunswick...
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Well this shocked me!
My first thought - was he driving his car through his pen at 50 miles an hour - that is usually how deer kill us.

But he was actually got down and stabbed with the horns and stomped on -- it was during mating season last Fall.
And then we have a deer farmer that raises 1000 deer in Maine saying you have to keep an eye on the males they look at you as a rival.

I feel so low on the food chain when deer start killing us.
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Deer are no joke! Exhibit A!!

Hint: Don't sprinkle buck urine on your self hoping to get a cool photo during the rut.
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Yeah, Recurve; I saw this when it came out on television. I did not know if I should take it serious. The guy was kind of keeping it going -- I thought and -- he was yelling at his wife -many times through out this ordeal -- to not stop filming. Now does that sound like someone who was really fighting for his life.

Oh, I am in trouble. I am dying -- Keep filming honey -- don't you dare stop.

So, how was I to know!

Now what I do know is that more and more deer are breaking into homes.
I kid you not. They come right through windows and glass doors - trash the place and people have a hard time getting them out. One man had to grab one and wrestle it out the door with his small children looking on. In the newspaper he said he had a rough time -- I had no idea that it could have been a deadly encounter! So deer are capable of home invasions as well as murder.

several of these home invasion occurred in an area around a place called Bernheim Forest - and wild life reserve donated by some rich dead guy to -- well I am not sure; maybe some fund that was set up- to form some society. So with this land the society had managed to raise so many deer that it became not just a large population, but an infestation. You could go there anytime and see at least 30 deer including big bucks, in the picnic areas. As a matter of fact you could not drive down -- the very busy highway -- the main highway in which those in Bardstown, Kentucky traveled to get to Louisville past the place with any safe feeling that a deer would not jump out in front of your car and try to kill you. It became so infested that the state stepped in forced a cull and hunt there.

However, deer home invasion have not been limited to those living close to the Bernheim Forest but it has appeared in newspapers throughout the region -- for it has happened rather often all over Kentucky, and deer don't mind trashing the place -- as well as getting their blood all over the place from the injuries they receive from the glass they break entering the home.

I guess they see a reflection in the glass -- like red cardinal birds, and start fighting themselves.
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