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Default MS- Arboretum Paths: Mississipp​i native plants — for the birds

Arboretum Paths: Mississippi native plants — for the birds
Picayune Item
December 4, 2013

excerpt from above:
In “Landscape for Life”, Doug Tallamy refers to the 40 percent decline of songbird species since the 1960’s. Invasive plant species are playing a part in this decline, as they “crowd out” our native species in the landscape. He urges homeowners to consider the wildlife value of the species they choose to plant. Rather than planting a non-native tree that supports very few insects, plant native trees such as oaks, maples, river birch, or hickories, which support hundreds of different insect species. Native shrubs like Vaccinium (blueberry) and Vibrunum (such as arrowwood) are also valuable wildlife plants.

The Extension Service website (Mississippi Extension Service and Experiment Station - Mississippi State University (MAFES) (MS) (Cooperative)) offers information specific to our state to help you design a bird-friendly landscape. “Attracting Birds to Mississippi Gardens”, by former Arboretum curator Bob Brzuszek, contains tips for landscaping to support birds, and includes a list of plants with high wildlife value.

Extension publication 2402 on “Establishing a Backyard Wildlife Habitat” is an informative 28-page handbook you may download from the MSUcares website, outlining the basic needs of wildlife and how to provide them. For example, plant a diversity of “layers” in your yard – plants of all heights and forms – to offer wildlife a wide selection of habitats to live and breed within…
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