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Default Eagle Scout works to foster native plant species

Eagle Scout works to foster native plant species
August 22, 2013 11:56 am
By Jourdan Vian, Reporter

Eagle Scout works to foster native plant species : Tomah Journal
excerpt from above:
"To me, milkweed just looked like another plant," Tomko said.

As Tomko worked to foster indigenous species on the islands of Lake Tomah, while cutting back invasive species, that changed.

"I learned different types of plants and what their purpose in life is," Tomko said.

For example, Tomko became acquainted with milkweed's relationship with the monarch butterfly, how the plant provides a place for the butterfly to lay its eggs and feeds the caterpillars after they hatch.

He also became familiar with how exotic and invasive plants, such as the Canada thistle and reed canary grass, choke out the milkweed...
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Well I like to hear about young people learning about native plants. I was not happy to read they were spraying herbicide. I do not like herbicide spray being used to eradicate plants.
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I'm not defending what he did because I have my doubts about any pesticide being eco-friendly but.... he's just a kid and he woulda had to hit the pavement looking for $$$ for his project. Finding their own funds for their projects is part of the process and they can't accept $$$ from their family.... they literally have to go out and solicit donations of $$$ and materials and manpower. Chances are pretty good Dow provided at least some funds for him and "guidance" from their "experts".... Dow's got their fingers in everything that's "green" it seems and if they were 1 of his sources for $$$ for his project.... they would've encouraged the use of an herbicide. FWIW.... some invasives.... can't be controlled without at least an initial herbicide application.... unfortunately.... it's just the way it is.... especially when there's little $$$ for manual removal or the project start doesn't coincide with a more ecologically responsible eradication method. The kid did an excellent job working with what he had IMO.
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