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Originally Posted by Birding Bunch View Post
I do too. I remember how much it confused me when I first got it, now I passed that confusion off to my husband yesterday when I asked him to give me a price limit on how much to order. He kind of stared at the thing a little while until I showed him how to use it. Then after perusing it, being shocked at some of the grass seed prices, he told me to get what was needed, but didn't give a limit. I'll just try to limit myself since I know I could go wild otherwise.

I will get 1/8 acre of the Jungle mix to sow if this snow will ever melt. I enjoy birds, but if that seed just sits on top of the snow, what a temptation for them, thus being a very expensive bird seed. I am also looking at some A code, warm season grasses to throw down behind the goats to get something growing yet this year. I also want to get more flowers. I decided against the Prickly Pear cactus for the south side of the house, but will put Wild Senna there instead. The cactus still sounds neat, but since I am trying to keep most things Tallgrass Prairie, that wouldn't belong.

I am curious about Code B. What conditions in the wild would mimic pouring hot water over seeds?

Have you ever sent or received seeds through the mail in just an envelope? Someone sent me seeds this way recently, so the seeds went through the smasher. Not many look whole. Thinking about this, could the postal masher be used for scarification? I am partially serious, wondering if this could work. I am buying more of the seeds to supplement the smashed as I really wanted to try these.
If you are looking to buy seed for a large-ish area, please check out Roundstone Native Seed. I have ordered from them twice now, including this month. Ordered enough seed to cover an acre. Customer service is STELLAR and their prices are very good.

Code B .... hot water treatment will work for some seeds that need to pass thru an acidic gastrointestinal tract.
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Yes, thank you for bumping it up. Great information. I'm enjoying hearing other's experiences and everyone's enthusiasm.

Birding Bunch, I understand your desire to create a specific habitat and not mix and match. I feel the same way...although I plan to have one habitat flow into another, if I can. Anyway, I was wondering if you would want to try to grow the prickly pear cactus in a pot or planter in a sunny place nearon a deck or porch or something. I'm just trying to find a way for you to include it and enjoy it.
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Originally Posted by kchd View Post

Code B .... hot water treatment will work for some seeds that need to pass through an acidic gastrointestinal tract.
Ahhhh I've heard of that, but hadn't thought about it being connected to the hot water theory-treatment of seeds before. Good point!
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