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Originally Posted by Darcie McKelvey View Post
I have successfully used the hot water treatment. E.g. Boil water, cool slightly, immerse lupin seeds for 24 hours and then plant. Sulfer acid is too caustic for me. Also, it is hard to dispose of after use.
I appreciate hearing about this treatment for Lupine seed. It certainly makes sense when I think about it. I use this treatment every year for New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus). You would think that pouring boiling water over those seeds would just cook them but I get wonderful germination!
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If anyone still has some Lupinus perennis seed can you post a picture of it please?
When Equil said it was so small, it got me suspicious of the seed I just bought in Vermont that the guy swore was native L perennis. But the seeds aren't small at all, and I put them between sand paper, soaked them in warm water for about half an hour, and put them in wet sand in a ziploc bag on my window sill and got 100% germination in about 3 days.
I was surprised at how easy it was, and that makes me even more suspicious. I will take and post a picture of mine when I get a chance (probably tomorrow).
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Prairie Moon Nursery has a nice photo of the seed, along with a dime for scale:
Prairie Moon Nursery :: Seeds :: Lupinus perennis (Wild Lupine)
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Wild Lupine doesn't like it's feet being wet and thrives on sand dunes.

Sounds like a raised bed of sand might make a nice home for it.

That's something I read about the Lake Michigan Sand Dunes being there native home [Michigan Side]
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Thanks NEWisc, I thought of checking Prairie Moon right after I posted. Duh!

And yes, this looks like what I've got. So I guess I can be happy they've germinated so well. Now I think the trick is to keep them alive!

Sprucetree, luckily Long Island is quite sandy; I don't plan on amending their soil more than I already have last year for other species. I think they'll be happy where I put them.
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For scarification, I have heard fish emulsion for 24 works well. Planting in sand in containers over the freeze-thaw cycle works, and then filter the seeds out.

I have well drained soil that used to be a large lake bed. Lupine habitat has been taken over by development because of the ease of working the ground.

Planted in the fall and early spring and have germination. Biggest issue would be a lack of Rhizobium lupini in the soil. I have a lot of japanese wisteria growing around, and that has hosted quite a bit of the bacteria.
Mowing down to 3-6" will improve seedling development if in a mixed planting or with weeds. Poor soil will be better than rich soil.
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lupinus, perennis, scarification, wild lipine

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