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Default Study shows that Global Warming brought on the Age of the Dinasaur

"Researchers believe the destruction of the rainforests kicked off an evolutionary burst amongst reptiles and inadvertently paved the way for the rise of dinosaurs 100 million years later.
And the scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London, and Bristol University warned that the discovery is a chilling message that humanity could be wiped off the face of the earth if today's Amazon rainforest is allowed to disappear."

Seen any in your yard lately???

Global warming destroyed rainforests 300 million years ago - Telegraph
"Know thyself."

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Who Hooo! Maybe they will be back!
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hahaha 100 million years later...
Simply cut down all your rain forests,
bake for 100 million years,
and your planet will be hospitable enough for very large lizards to live in!


Yeah. 100, million, years is a bit of a lead in alright.

I just was told something that I learned before... Dinosaurs are just one branch of the humungo lizard things that ran around back then.

As in, most of those yokes weren't dinosaurs. They were something else asaurs.

My current favourite is a Pliosaur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh man. Those boys is big. Skull estimated around 11 feet, total length ~49 feet. They put the numbers into a computer, and reckoned that with the musculature in the jaw, it could easily cut a car in half.
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