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Default Gender Difference Behavior Proof?

"Young chimps play make-believe games in which they pretend that a favourite stick is a baby for nurturing and even putting to bed, according to a 14-year study of the animals in Uganda. Biologists watched the chimps in the forests of Kibale National Park in Uganda and found intriguing differences in the way young males and females passed their time – providing evidence that differences in the way boys and girls play may have a genetically hardwired element."

""People tend to focus on the socialisation aspects of why boys play with guns and girls play with dolls, but our study suggests there is a biological component at work," Wrangham said. The research, co-authored by "Sonya Kahlenberg at Bates College in Maine, appears in the journal Current Biology."

Infant chimps play with 'stick dolls' | Science | The Guardian
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Interesting, but shouldn't be too surprising
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Saying that there is or isn't differences in gender just because you see sexual differentiation in chimps in Kibale means you can extrapolate that there is something non cultural in our sexual differences?

Since when did chimps not have a cultural component to their lives?

Chimps have massive amounts of cultural interactions. Some of these will almost certainly have a differential effect on different genders.

I didn;t read the paper though. Holds head in shame.

But it's late!!

Edit. Having said that, my little one also displays a keen interest in sticks.
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