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Default David Attenborough and the Mystery of the Elephant Bird

David Attenborough has one of its eggs in his home. This article previews a an new Attenborough show.

"As souvenirs go, the giant fossilised egg that Sir David Attenborough keeps wrapped up for safe-keeping in the cellar of his London home is not bad for someone with a 60 year career as Britain's foremost natural history documentary maker."

"Now in a bid to find out more about the foot long egg he collected on the island of Madagascar 50 years ago and the birds that laid them, Sir David has returned to the island off the east coast of Africa for a new BBC documentary on a quest to discover what happened to the largest birds to ever live on the planet."

David Attenborough and the mystery of the elephant bird - Telegraph
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Wow. Each egg was 180 times larger than a chicken egg!?!
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Haast's Eagle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It might not have been the biggest bird out there, but it has to have been one of the most bad ass.

In fact I am sorely tempted to just start a thread with this boy.

Let's just take the opening paragraph on wiki.

Its prey consisted mainly of gigantic flightless birds that were unable to defend themselves from the striking force and speed of these eagles, which at times reached 80 km/h (50 mph). The Haast's Eagle became extinct about 1400 AD, when its major food sources, the moa, were hunted to extinction by humans

Alright. Where to start?

This thing hunted Moa. Moa are freaking huge. 12 feet high or something. Ostriches are looking like penguins compared to these things. And they were *hunted* by these beasts.

Alright. That's nice.

How did it get them? Well, it smacked into them doing about 50 mph.
Alright. Fluffy feathery thing, big deal. Except no, allegedly a Haast Eagle hitting you at this sort of speed is more equivalent to being hit by a cavity block dropped off a flyover. Except a cavity block is not armed with talons, a massive beak, and a desire to rip out your carotid.

And now for the kicker.

The Haast Eagle was made extinct when humans changed the environment.

Think about that for a second. That means, humans were around when these chaps were. That means, these chaps, saw some kind of upright ape thing, sauntering along and may have felt peckish. If a Haast Eagle can take out a 12 foot Moa, a human would be nothing more than orderve.
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Wow, two really big, awesome birds, both eliminated from the planet by humans.
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*hors d'oeuvres.

Oh dear.

*Le shame*
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attenborough, bird, david, egg, elephant, elephant bird, elephant bird egg, haast eagle, island, madagascar, moa, mystery, natural history

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