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Default Mummified forest provides climate change clues

Mummified forest provides climate change clues - Yahoo! News

"On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic where no trees now grow, a newly unearthed mummified forest is giving researchers a peek into how plants reacted to ancient climate change."

"The ancient forest found on Ellesmere Island, which lies north of the Arctic Circle in Canada, contained dried out birch, larch, spruce and pine trees. Research scientist Joel Barker of Ohio State University discovered it by chance while camping in 2009."
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Ohhhhhh jack!!! Another excellent find!!! Those trees are going to have dendrochronologists salivating at the mere prospect of studying the rings and perfectly preserved leaves to boot!!! Leaves just don’t end up perfectly preserved like that description for thousands of years. Their decomposition rate is actually fast… really fast….unless…. there was a very rapid onset of the “freeze”. I’m all excited about what else they might find as in … bugs and birds and other little critters of the forest. This could be a great chance to research natural climate cycling.
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