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Default Fen club: Wyoming Native Plant Society explores Beartooth's biggest marsh

Fen club: Wyoming Native Plant Society explores Beartooth's biggest marsh
August 03, 2013 11:00 am
Billings Gazette

Fen club: Wyoming Native Plant Society explores Beartooth's biggest marsh
excerpt from above:
CRANDALL, Wyo. — Normally to get adults to wade through a swamp swarming with biting horseflies, they would have to be enlisted in a branch of the armed forces and urged on by a shouting sergeant.

But on Saturday a group of 30 willingly walked through boot-sucking muck and mire to explore the Swamp Lake fen in the Beartooth Mountains. It was one of about five hikes offered over the weekend as part of the Wyoming Native Plant Society’s annual meeting.

The fascination with Swamp Lake is that it contains...
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I didn't even know this area existed. I would have for sure visited it when I was in Wyoming the last time if I'd known. We spent some time in Jackson Hole and it's looking to me like Swamp Lake Fen woulda been minutes away.
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Sounds like a good place for a visit. Wish I could get out west more often.

Big fen
Swamp Lake also is the largest fen in the Beartooth Mountains. A fen is different than a bog because the plant life depends on groundwater, which can significantly affect the type of plants present. A bog is nourished by rainwater and snowmelt and doesn’t have an outlet
A bit of information on the different types of wetland.
Fens | Wetlands | US EPA

Wetland Types | Wetlands | US EPA

A pdf with from Illinois but very good for anyone interested in wetlands.

Wetlands and you. page 2
Defining a wetland. page 4
Taking a closer look. page 6
Protecting wetlands. page 10
Being a good neighbor. page 12
Managing your wetland. page 16
Finding help. page 20
We in the Chicagoland area have Volo bog which has a small inlet but functions largely as a bog.

Bogged Down in Northern Illinois

Let's begin with a disclaimer. Volo Bog is geared a little differently than other DNR sites. This isn't a state park or recreation area. Volo Bog is a natural area�a place dedicated to environmental discovery
And there really is a difference between a bog and a fen and a swamp and a marsh.
A bog is a wetland that has no feeder inlets and no outlets. It lives on rainwater and snow melt.
A fen is a wetland with a mineral-rich supply of water.
Swamps and marshes have feeder inlets and outlets.
Swamps are dominated by trees
and marshes by herbaceous vegetation.

What's interesting about a bog is that it appears to be solid land right out to the open water. There are ferns, thick-leaved plants and large trees growing there. But the so-called land is anything but. It is layers of floating organic material, mostly sphagnum moss, that didn't decompose well because the water is both acidic and stagnant. A bog begins small at the edge of the lake and thickens into layers, until finally it is capable of supporting plants, shrubs and eventually tamarack trees that can grow upwards of 60 feet.
"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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