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Default Prairie Moon Nursery

Congratulations to the folks who started and are managing this website. I have read a lot of good information here and it is an honor to be able to associate our business with you!

Praire Moon Nursery, located just south of Winona, Minnesota, has been producing and selling North American Native seeds and plants since 1982. With the exception of cover crops and a few lawn grass alternatives, we only sell species which were indigenous to North America prior to European settlement.

Our roots go back to the early 70's when Doug and Dot Wade, pioneers of the native plant movement, opened the first Illinois native plant nursery. Shortly afterward, their son Alan and a few others, began producing seed and plants here in Southeast MN. (1982 was when there was finally enough money made to file a tax return) We still continue to grow out seed from the Wade's original collection in addition to species native to other regions. We also work with a network of almost 100 consignment producers who grow and harvest seed in many locations throughout the upper midwest. We now list over 600 native species of seeds and plants.

Praire Moon's valley plantings, and some on the ridge, are located at the Wiscoy Valley Community Land Cooperative. Many of us who own and work at the nursery are resident members of the land co-op, which was organized in 1976 around the principles of collective organic land stewardship, social justice, and consensual decision-making.

Prairie Moon produces an annual catalog/cultural guide in which we try to provide enough information for customers to successfully grow our seed and plants or grow out seed they collect themselves. You can obtain a free catalog by going to www.prairiemoon.com or call us anytime toll-free at 866-417-8156. You can also go to our website for more detailed information about each species and listings of some species not found in the catalog.

If you have any further questions please contact us anytime. We are inspired in our connections with individuals who share our passion for ecological preservation and restoration.
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We are honored to have you here. Thank you for contacting us. We are all appreciative of your respectfulness and extremely happy to see such a fine nursery represented at Wildlife Gardeners. You sure have a mighty fine looking family of happy Prairie Moon Nursery employees there. May your business continue to grow. We wish Prairie Moon the best.
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WG Ways and Means
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WOW that's great!

I love Prairie Moon. I order from Prairie Moon Great Place!!!!

It's a honor to be associated with you guys!!!!

Praire Moon Nursery We now list over 600 native species of seeds and plants.
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Welcome,welcome! I too order from Prairie Moon. You guys just ROCK!! Great stuff offered and your customer service is exceptional!
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Is this Prairie Moon Nursery thread going to be where eastern native plant junkies hang out looking for their next fix? Too funny.

I've been buying from them since before they made it so we could order online. That catalog sure does have information to germinate seeds we collect on our own or get from other people. There have been years when I didn't have money to buy seed from them but I hung onto the catalog. That was nice they pointed that out. Last month I called them for help on a seed I was given from somebody else for help. That was a first. How would you like to call a place you buy from and have to tell them you didn't buy it from them while asking what to do with it? They laughed. My question was answered. All around good natured people at Prairie Moon.
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I ordered a bunch of seeds from them this year (first time) and winter-sowed them in early January. They've come up well. I also ordered a few bare-root plants, which should be shipped in March or April - I'm looking forward to receiving them. I would certainly recommend them, based on my experience so far.
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My past ordering experience with Prairie Moon wasn't good. I won't order from them again. Sorry.
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Originally Posted by joepyeweed View Post
My past ordering experience with Prairie Moon wasn't good. I won't order from them again. Sorry.
Dear JP Weed,
While I realize that 100% satisfaction for all of our customers is probably impossible, it is still our goal. I will follow-up with a privite message but wanted to put out the word to anyone who has or has had concerns about our seeds, plants, service, etc, to please contact me directly. We are a small company and we will look into any problems and give you a personal response.
Best regards,
Bill - AKA Seedyguy
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WG Writer
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seedyguy: Im way down here in Alabama. I still get the Prairie Moon catalog, though! Its great just to get people thinking about natives. Welcome.
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Thumbs up

I have been a customer of Prairie Moon Nursery for many years. I have found their products and services to be excellent.

But Prairie Moon Nursery is much more that a seed/plant supplier. Their catalog (and website) are an extensive source of information on native plants. Here you can find information (for each species) on germination requirements, soil moisture needs, light requirements, height, color and bloom time.

In their online catalog you can view the plants by bloom time, color, height, etc. If you are trying to create a continuous bloom for native bees and butterflies, for example, this can be a great time saver. You can even download an Excel Cultural Guide spreadsheet so that you can sort for your own desired characteristics.
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