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Too funny.... I have to get somebody to start my chainsaw for me because I'm in the same boat as you!!! Same thing with my little rototiller! My 1 neighbor sees me pulling up in her driveway and she comes to the door and lets me in while she goes and gets her husband and then I drive home with the chainsaw running in the back seat. Sometimes if it's been running for a while I can start it on my own if I get it just before it runs out of gas but usually I end up driving back to that 1 neighbor's house! They're really good sports for starting my tools for me when my husband isn't around so I'm lucky.
Sears is where I've been buying my tools since they've got some sort of a no questions asked guarantee for life and all you have to do is bring it in and they replace it so you've probably got a really good chipper there!!!! I bet a Craftsman anything holds value pretty long whether it's only been used twice or not. I'd make an offer on it but.... I just bit the bullet and let go of my wad buying 2 beehives so I'm tapped for a looooong time. I for sure think you could unload it on Craigslist for a decent price though. Craisglist is the 1st place I start looking anytime I want a big ticket item.... have you ever tried selling anything on Craigslist?
About the man deal.... just do what I do and ask a neighbor to start it up for ya if you need to use it before you sell it.
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Craftsman is a good brand but I wouldn't say their great, They have gone off-shore with alot of manufacturing. Rather than keeping their quality high they cut corners.

I'm happy with my chipper/shredder. The previous owner had it on Craigslist for 350 dollars which seemed like a better deal than renting the bigger one you tow behind the car. Besides when you rent the clocks ticking and you have to watch the clock and get it back before the rental store closes. I hate having the sun going down and still a pile of garden debris staring you in the face.

You could take Equil's advice and list in the farm and garden section or let a brush/twig pile build up and hire some-one to turn that pile into mulch. I figure my chipper already made about 1 yard of hardwood mulch from the Norway maples.

If you burn wood the branches over an inch make good kindling. Rather than pull out the chainsaw for smaller branches I have a 30 year old electric reciprocating [Craftsman] saw that I use to cut them into wood burner length.

Another option is an electric chainsaw but the drawbacks on those are that you'll need the cord and the blade must be kept sharp or the motors burns out. Of course the gas chainsaw is more forgiving but should have a sharp blade too.

The drawback of chainsaws is it's a two-handed affair. A small cross-cut saw can do quite a bit; That's all the Amish use.
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