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Gloria 06-25-2017 04:53 PM

The Making Of A Suburban Pollinator Garden
This article is on the site of a native plant nursery that I really don't know much about. But they have some good articles and great pictures of individual plants as well as some of their installations.

This particular article is follow up on an installation and shows how quickly a garden can look good with plugs as opposed to seed grown. I myself have used a combination plan buying some plants of good size, some plugs and some seed. I have patience...lol. But for those people concerned about a front garden or other area with public scrutiny (and a bit of cash) this could work.


This entry was posted on June 20, 2017 by Claudio Vazquez -- Izel Plants.

rhauser44 06-27-2017 08:14 AM


Nice article. I agree plugs are the way to go if you can afford the cost of the amount necessary for planting large areas. Especially for a front yard, one can more easily put together an aesthetically pleasing layout.

While seed is cheaper, it's viability is not guaranteed. Some recent books I've read suggest planting plugs and seeding the bare space in between, may help shorten the time it will take to fill in the empty areas.

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