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Default VT- Invasive plants plague land, too

Invasive plants plague land, too
By Dorothy Pellett
Free Press correspondent
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Invasive plants plague land, too | burlingtonfreepress.com | The Burlington Free Press
excerpts from above:
Now, the committee is considering three new additions to the state quarantine list: Norway maple (Acer platanoides), Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) and burning bush (Euonymus alatus). The three are prolific producers of seeds — maple seeds are carried by wind, and seeds of the two shrubs are dispersed by birds and small mammals.
“It’s a difficult issue for me,” he said. “These three plants are extremely useful as landscape plants. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, they are very adaptable. But that’s what makes them invasive. We have cut way back on them because we want to do the right thing.

“As an industry, we need to promote alternatives, and to start looking for more,” Padua continued.
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Read the third page, Invasive plants plague land, too | burlingtonfreepress.com | The Burlington Free Press
That nursery owner Paduca is cutting way back on selling them because it's the right thing to do??? The right thing to do would be to stop wholesaling them... or am I missing something here. No mention that he's probably selling them under a phase out period and probably unloading them on states that didn't get laws in place to protect them from nurseries unloading all their junk plants that are banned or on the way to being banned in their states. I hate to say it but how slimey. He's sitting on that Vermont Invasive Exotic Plant Committee to protect his business interests and some dingaling bought his song and dance and gave him the spotlight in the article as if he's a part of the solution not the problem???
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