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Default Nandina: Naughty or Nice?

Nandina: Naughty or Nice?
It is an invasive species along the Gulf Coast and is actively disrupting native plant communities. In addition to Florida, it has escaped cultivation in eight other states.
Monday September 14th, 2009
By Theresa Friday

2009July23Nandina: naughty or nice?
excerpt from above:
Nandina domestica, also known as heavenly bamboo, is a tough, bread-and-butter evergreen shrub. Nandina is an extremely popular shrub and is frequently used to hide or camouflage unsightly outdoor items or structures. While the common name may make you think itís a type of bamboo, it is not.

Many invasive species were originally introduced as ornamental plants, including nandina...
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Another example of me doing the right thing accidentally. I see them everywhere but have never bought one because I think they're a sickly color in most people's landscapes - I've guessed the off color ones get too much sun, but that's just a guess.
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Shrubs: Nandina domestica

Here is a data sheet from North Carolina State University. The plant spreads both by suckering and by these berries which produce new plants spread by birds. Summer growth is a lacy spring green. The leaves turn red-gold in the fall with red berries.
It is actively being sold by nurseries as a landscape plant which does resemble bamboo. In my yard it grows in 'clumps' and the stalks are 6 to 7 ft tall. There is a dwarf form being sold by nurseries as a ground cover.
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heavenly bamboo, nandina, nandina domestica, naughty, nice

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