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Default ME- New invasive plant emerges

New invasive plant emerges
BY Betty Jespersen
Staff Writer Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

New invasive plant emerges
excerpt from above:
Those eye-catching, tall, magenta-colored perennials growing near ditches, along lakes and in wetlands may be pretty enough for a fall wild flower bouquet.

Don't even think about it, say plant experts....
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"New invasive plant emerges"... they're talking about PL. New invasive plant emerges??? Where have they been?
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I thought that was strange too. A lot of people are aware of it up there (it sticks out like a sore thumb), and have been for a few decades that I know of. Just someone at a small town paper, asleep at the wheel. Our small town daily paper here does a good job covering "green news" as they call it, especially on their website, but once in a while you can tell they were in a rush or just weren't paying attention.
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yeah HUH???? NEW plant emerges? I don't think so! Purple Loosestrife has been all over New England for years. Well, at least they are raising awareness about invasive species.
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emerges, invasive, lythrum salicaria, plant, purple loosestrifem

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