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Default A baseline for conservation and livelihoods in Palau

A baseline for conservation and livelihoods in Palau

A baseline for conservation and livelihoods in Palau
excerpts from above:
The small population of people on Kayangel is highly dependent on their environment and natural resources. Invasive species, particularly rats and mice, spread disease and destroy crops. Invasive mammals also decrease the populations of ground nesting birds such as the megapode, and of other biodiversity such as native lizards and crabs.
Most people did not know about the connection between rats and the diseases leptospirosis and scrub typhus. Of the people who had crops, half said that rats had damaged their crops, with some reporting a near 50% loss. Most people had high awareness of invasive species, and were able to list the species and discuss their negative impacts on the environment.
However, few people knew how rats were transported to the island...
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