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Default Our bumble bees are under attack by European invaders

The European wool-carder bee has spread across the U.S. and is disrupting the feeding activity of bumble bees.
But the behavior of male wool-carder bees appears even more sinister. Males aggressively defend flower patches in order to attract mates. Males use evolved weapons on the base of their abdomen to attack any interloper who isn't a potential mate, often causing severe injury or even death to the attacked bee.
Invasive species threaten North American bumble bees - Business Insider
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I see them frequently in my yard. They love some purple salvia I have, so when that is in bloom a male is always patrolling the patch. I don't see them much once the salvia is finished. I see them head butting even big carpenter bees, but I've never observed a bee get injured or killed by them.
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