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bumblebee Rarest Bumblebee in U.S. Rediscovered

Rarest Bumblebee in U.S. Rediscovered
By Remy Melina
Published December 09, 2011

Rarest Bumblebee In U.S. Rediscovered | Fox News
excerpt from above:
An elusive bumblebee, which was last seen in 1956, was recently found living in the White Mountains of south-central New Mexico, scientists announced Monday (Dec. 5).

Known as "Cockerell's bumblebee," the bee was first described in 1913 using six specimens collected along the Rio Ruidoso, a river located in the Sierra Blanca and Sacramento Mountains, N.M. Over the years, one more sample was found in Ruidoso, and 16 specimens were collected near the town of Cloudcroft, N.M.

The last Cockerell's bumblebee sample was collected in 1956. No other specimens had been recorded until...
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Well.... this is good news. I'm just sorry they collected "samples". Here's hoping they learn there's a breeding population at the site!!!
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Collection of voucher specimens is needed in order to confirm a species' identity. However, in instances like this, such collection(s) need to be kept to an absolute minimum, taking into account the number of bees seen so as not to remove a significant portion.
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bumblebee, rarest, rediscovered

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