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skull Are There Zombies in Your Garden?

Are There Zombies in Your Garden?
Author- Wes Porter
Monday, November 7, 2011

Are There Zombies in Your Garden?
excerpts from above:
Halloween may have come and gone, but there are still could be some weird and wonderful happenings lurking there, waiting for another season. As for elsewhere, well, you had to ask, didn’t you?
The ladybug is in its turn, preyed upon by an insidious wasp, the minute Dinocampus cocconellae. Upon hatching from an egg of this member of the Hymenoptera, the larvae burrows through the ladybugs internal organs, feasting and fattening but not killing – it needs the unfortunate victim for more gruesome purposes. Ready to pupate, the wasp larvae forces its way out of the underside of the ladybug, there to build its cocoon. Meanwhile the partially paralyzed ladybug may…
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