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Default Cricket Sets Testicle Size Record

Cricket Sets Testicle Size Record
By Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer
posted: 09 November 2010 07:33 pm ET

Cricket Sets Testicle Size Record | Tuberous Bushcricket Mating, Penis & Genitals, Reproduction & Insect Sex | LiveScience
excerpt from above:
A species of cricket has broken an unlikely world record: largest testicles in relation to body weight.

The Tuberous bushcricket's testicles account for 14 percent of its body weight. To put that in perspective, the testicles of a man weighing 200 pounds (91 kilograms) with that ball-to-body ratio would weigh...
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Wonder what their testosterone level might be????
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"Largest sperm" "Largest testicles" ...Do I sense a theme here?

Don't get me started on the "Bug Porn" thread--I'm starting to wonder about this place!

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