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Default Bees are Not an Option (Podcast)

Bees are Not an Option: The tremendous importance of native bees and pollinators in general, and how you can easily lend a hand to these tiny titans.

This podcast was originally produced for National Pollinator Week 2008 and 2009 by the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign and its federal partners in the Department of the Interior.

USGS CoreCast: Bees Are Not Optional
It's Pollinator Week 2009, and we're talking to USGS scientist Sam Droege about the tremendous importance of native bees and pollinators in general, and how you can lend a hand to these tiny titans.

Like eating fresh fruits and vegetables? Think agriculture is important to our society? Then you'll want to pay attention to this CoreCast...
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Good interview. There is talk of lots of very small non-stinging native bees not even recognized as bees by many, if they are noticed at all. It was interesting to learn that even very tall rooftop gardens are quickly found and colonized by bees. Bees also find new plantings much faster than butterflies and other pollinators. Butterfly gardens host many more bees than butterflies so that even if you see few butterflies, the garden is helping pollinators in general.
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One of the things that's really great about these podcasts is you can crank em up to the max and listen to them when you're doing something to make the time go by faster. Too bad some of them are so short. Same thing with radio. There's an eco radio network that has some good topics and a man who does talks on organic gardening named Bruce. I can't spell his last name since all I know is the pronunciation or I'd give it to you to look up. He's had some really great things to say promoting the elimination of pesticides for the sake of all bees. I'll have to check this bees are not an option out. I'd like to hear what they've got to say about rooftop gardens.
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