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Default Ohio Reptile Gardens

I just came across this - Is anyone else familiar with it?

Home - Ohio Reptile Gardens
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I'm not familiar with it but I hope they do well. I know I'd stop in for sure if I was ever out that way. Closest we've got out our way is a mega mall with a reptile zoo in it. Our kids had some birthday parties there and getting their photos taken with the boa was a big hit... even my MIL went back so she could pet it and.... we've got our framed photos of her with the boa wrapped around her body too. The way they're set up reminds me of running through the haunted house at the county fair or the build a bear stations. You're kinda pushed through in record time by the "safari guides" so you'll have time to shop and well.... they'll have time to push the next group through. I think I'd prefer more natural settings for the animals rather than the way this place is set up and I'd like to be able to spend more time at each station but then.... the reptile zoo is entertainment and time is money and all where I'm thinking the reptile gardens you found are going to be more educational. Big difference I suspect. I hope the place you found makes it. There's a few reptile gardens out west we really enjoyed that I'd go back to in a heartbeat but not much out east.
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