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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
We're trying to SAVE those poor little turtlettes!

Even though turtles ARE very tasty ..... A wood terrapin would not be a very wise choice...Snappers are a much more weighty and legal subject.
People in NC apparently eat turtles. When they were trying to put in place regulations to control the collection of turtles for the pet trade, they left in that you can collect ten a day (!) if you are collecting for consumption. I can't imagine eating a turtle.

Part of why the Galapagos tortoises are endangered is because the sailing ships would stop off there specifically to collect them as food items - they would take them on board alive, since they were fresh meat that was easy to care for and easy to collect and store. Poor things!
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We've eaten them in Michigan...
They ARE very good...Tastes just like alligator-chicken

10 a day! That's an awfully lot! I'd say that needs a BIG adjustment, more like to one a month or even one a year.
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