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Default One Eyed Frog

Greetings to all,

I tried to post this earlier today but I do not know where it went so if it is out there in the wrong place, sorry.

Any way a few weeks ago I was photographing local Pacific Tree Frogs when I notice one only had one eye. There is no scar, it looks as if it never formed. I am sure in any population there is any number of reasons for such an abnormality to occur but it raises a few questions.

How common is this?

Did this frog have only one eye when it was a tadpole?

Have any one else found a frog like this?

It seems to be eating enough to survive.
Take care,
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I think that would be pretty rare. I believe amphibian deformities in some species have increased in recent years, but I'm not sure to what extent in various areas and with various species. If you ever find an area with numerous deformed frogs, you should snap photos and show them to your state herpetologist.
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Frogs and toads have really permeable skins. Because of that, they are easily genetically damaged by chemicals in their environment. Anatomical deformities in frogs are seen as a sign of pollution in the environment.
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poor little dude. i can see where having no depth perception would be a bad thing for a guy who catches his meals on the fly!
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