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I don't put much stock in dream interpretation, at least in the sense of going to some generic book to determine what it means when you dream that you're pitching in the World Series while made up as a mime. Sometimes though, dreams can have a powerful effect on an individual, such as these did for me.
Several years ago, shortly after I had moved to Massachusetts, I was fishing in the small stream on my friends farm. By fishing I mean that I had a pole in my hand and bait on the hook, but I was really paying little attention. In fact, though I didn't realize it, I was asleep. This stream has steep hills on either side, with tall pines and oaks growing around it. It is a very cozy, even womblike atmosphere and the sound of the brook is exactly what every K-Mart "Zen Fountain" tries to achieve but never does.
As I sat there, on "The Softest Rock in the World" leaning against "The Cushiest Tree in the World" ignoring "The Most Irrelevant Fishing Pole in the World", a Box Turtle walked up to me. I watched him approach with mild interest (proof enough that I'm asleep) and then he spoke to me.
"How ya doing, Dan?"
I actually think about it before I answer. "Pretty good", I say.
"That's nice, but you need to learn to relax you know", he says.
"I'm sleeping next to a stream talking to a turtle. How much more relaxed can I get?"
"You know what I mean."
"Yeah, I guess I do." And I did. I had always been a fairly intense, passionate person, very energetic but also very stressed. That can take its toll on a person. I needed to work on being more peaceful and centered. I took that to heart and after 5 years I feel that I'm making good headway in that department.
About a week after that dream, I had another where I visited an aquarium with some friends. We came to a large glass sided tank that had a large sea turtle in it. I leaned into the glass watching her swim around, fascinated. When my friends were ready to move along I told them to go on and I'd catch them in a bit. I stayed and watched the turtle for what seemed like hours until one of my friends came back and asked me what was wrong. I was crying and I told her, "She's so sad. She wants to be in the ocean where she belongs!" Then I was in the tank and holding onto the back of her shell as we somehow made our way out of the tank and out into the open ocean. (In case you notice a similarity to Roald Dahl's "The Boy Who Talked to Animals", I'm pretty sure I hadn't read the story at that point.)
These two dreams in quick succession put turtles at the top of my mind. The term "totem" is thrown around a lot by some people these days. I hesitate to use that term because I know that it has very specific meaning in Native American lore and I don't want to detract from that. What I do know is that I feel an affinity to turtles that is deeper than the very real bond that I feel for the natural world. Turtle is the one meat that I'll never eat. Every time I see a turtle it reminds me of that Box Turtle from my dream and that I need to slow down and relax.
I wanted to use a turtle picture as my avatar, but I felt that it should be one that I took myself. Despite having seen many turtles and taking many pictures of them, I had none that I felt were worthy. I had hopes that this year would bring me a decent turtle picture to fill the bill, and I was not disappointed.
Today I went fishing with my roommate at Wachusett Reservoir. We made our way to the water in the back of large cove with a small pond upstream from it. A small stretch of sand about 20 yards wide seperated the two, with a small stream of water flowing across it. As we approached the cove, there in the stream of water was a painted turtle!
Knowing that she was possibly looking to lay a clutch of eggs and that my presence while she was in such a vulnerable state had to be pretty stressful to her, I took about 30 seconds to take several pictures. Considering my excitement and the speed with which I took them, I think they turned out well. Certainly well enough for me to draw a new avatar from. And it happens just in time for me to celebrate my "evolution" to salamanderhood!

My New Avatar-turtle1.jpgMy New Avatar-turtle2.jpgMy New Avatar-turtle3.jpgMy New Avatar-turtle4.jpg

I certainly hope that this is an appropriate place to post this. It really is about herps, although with a bit of a spiritual bent. If nothing else, I hope everybody can enjoy the pictures.
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I enjoyed the pictures, and the story too. Thanks for sharing!
My yarden and I lean a little to the wild side.
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Oh man.... all I get are dreams that I'm suffocating and I wake up and find a cat settled in over the top of my face. It'd be nice to have some dreams that would allow a pause for reflection instead of a gasp for air. The toitle photos are fun and really good for having to take them on the run.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss
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Ah ha. The origin of the new avatar explained. What a wonderful reason to choose a turtle.
"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; we will understand only what we have been taught."
-Baba Dioum, Senegalese ecologist
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Nice turtle photos Bulucanagria!

Thanks for sharing your dream story. Very interesting.

To dream that animals can talk, represents superior knowledge. It's message is often some form of wisdom. Alternatively, a talking animal denotes your potential to be all that you can be.

If you are setting an animal free, then it indicates an expression and release of your own primal desires. The dream may also stem from feelings of being overwhelmed.

To see a turtle in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, faithfulness, longevity, and loyalty. It also suggests that you need to take things slow in some situation or relationship in your life. With time, you will make steady progress. Alternatively, it indicates that you are sheltering yourself from the realities of life. Or that you are putting forth a hard exterior and not letting others in.

"Getting your hands dirty is the best way to keep your head clean."
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Thanks BBBBecky (if i may address you so). I took pretty much that message from my dreams. Slow down, relax, contemplate, meditate. I was given a needful lesson in a form which I couldn't ignore. As for setting the turtle free, I knew exactly that I identified with the turtle. I am known for a strong feeling of Wanderlust. I'm fighting the battle right now between freedom of the road and responsible maturity. No front runner as yet.
Thank you also to biigblueyes, Equilibrium and The Lorax for appreciating the story and photos. It reminds me once again that I've found a remarkable community on the web that I'm proud to be a part of.
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Welcome to salamanderhood! ~smile~

This really is a great community, and you are helping to make it so by opening up and sharing such personal stories. I'm sure it helps to know that many people here will be able to relate.

Great pictures. You have me hoping to create an appropriate habitat to attract turtles.
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