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Default Frogwatch USA (Frogs & Toads)

Frogwatch USA has information on both Frogs and Toads, including species identification, calls, conservation, etc.

This link takes you to the page with frogs/toads by state:
Frogs in your state - FrogwatchUSA - National Wildlife Federation
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I loved it! Did I say I loved it! Frog chirps are so sooooothing. Like a warm summers eve. I put it into my favorites to listen to whenever.
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Great site! Thanks for posting it.
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MidwestFrogs has video of calling frogs and interviews with scientists about frog issues; declines and malformations.
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I've seen their site before. Clickable links, Online documentary video production/Nature & Wildlife - Chicago's Ravenswood Media There's another site to listen to frog calls but it isn't as good as the one you found, ADW: Frog Calls. The US geological survey has a frog call list out too. They still might.
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Frogwatch has a great program where you sign up to monitor a site local to you. They are using this data to try to get a handle on how the populations of each species are doing. You just pick a local watering hole and listen for just a few minutes. You can even record your session then sit and identify your species with their recordings. It's a really great way for citizens to participate in collecting scientific knowledge.
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We've been able to have the windows open at night this week and to hear the frogs in the evening and the birds in the morning.

I went to the Frogwatch USA site to look up something with my son and found that either they have changed the site drastically or they've moved the information elsewhere.

Time to look for another good site with calls and information on frogs.
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Goodness gracious. You are correct. FrogWatch no longer exists.

What an incredible disappointment.

Would this be helpful to you and your son-
USGS Frog Quiz
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Perhaps it was renamed to North American Amphibian Monitoring Program. It looks like they are still accepting data at this address
North American Amphibian Monitoring Program - Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
This seems to either be associated or a similar program
Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Survey techniques and pros/cons of different strategies discussed here.
Amphibian Calling Surveys | Managers' Monitoring Manual
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amphibians, frogs, frogwatch, toads, usa

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