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Default Biologists remove disease-spreading invasive frogs from Golden Gate Park

Biologists remove disease-spreading invasive frogs from Golden Gate Park
by Jackson Mauze
July 22, 2013

excerpt from above:
The California Fish and Wildlife Department is in the final stages of eradicating the invasive South African clawed frog from the park. A recent study has provided an even greater incentive to exterminate the frogs: they are one of the original carriers of a fungus that exclusively targets amphibians known as Bd (short for Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis).

“This disease is causing the biggest decline [in amphibians] ever recorded by a single pathogen in history,” said SFSU biologist and researcher Vance Vredenburg. “It makes the bubonic plague look like a drop in the bucket.”

The pathogen infects roughly 350 species of amphibians, and possibly many more, and is found on all continents except Antarctica. The United States holds the leading number of known cases, and scientists have been grappling to find ways to control the spread of the disease, called chytridiomycosis, before it decimates amphibian species. Scientists have taken to eradicating carriers like the South African clawed frog, which is immune to the disease, in spots where...
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Finally.... some of our $$$ is getting used for something "hands on" that actually helps get to the root of the problem instead of endlessly researching Chytrid fungus. Now... if they'd just put that leash and muzzle on the pet industry by making the sale of South American clawed frogs that are known vectors of it illegal BEFORE BigPet introduces the next SA clawed frog that's immune to the disease being spread to our native amphibians..... we'd be taking defense as opposed to always being on the offense.... makes too much sense though.... Congress won't do it.... their partner.... BigPet would start screaming that they won't be able to send their kids to college if we take away the profits from the sale of exotic frogs.... that kids tire of that parents then "release" in our wilds.
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