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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
Found a vintage map of our yard:
Attachment 45360
Back in 1994 (Just after our home purchase) I moved 48 plants -Of those, 9 didn't make the transfer.
The map itself's dated 2012 and there's been MANY MANY changes over the years ever since!

The poppy bed's now round, not a seed spitting poppy in it. The maple bed's grown thrice fold, many of the invasives and time consumers pulled, replaced, some of the beds enlarged some removed entirely.
Very cool find.

It sounds like you gave made a lot of positive changes. Good job!

I have finally lived here long enough that I could compare some before and after shots--too bad most of the changes are still very small.

I have to pull out (search for, then post) some of my aerial shots.
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After I found the map, I went into my yearly floral folders and gathered together those which you call the big shot. Overlooking an area rather than close ups. Most were close ups but here and there I found a few between 2009 (when I went digital) and beyond. Lots of fun looking at all the changes that had taken place.

There are shots of some I wished now I would have kept...some where the trumpet vine's forced it's way inside along the edges of a back door in it's wee stages and grew and expanded inside before it was noticed, the virginia creeper taking over the back entry, a smoke bush I tried espalier upon that took down the entire eves in a windstorm, a trumpet vine eating up and popping off an entry light. Ahhh the trials of a gardener and.....
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