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Default Managing Habitat for Grassland Birds

Gloria's thread on grassland biodiversity Grassland biodiversity reminded me of an excellent guide for managing grasslands:

Sample, David W., and Michael J. Mossman. 1997. Managing habitat for grassland birds - a guide for Wisconsin. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison, WI, PUBL-SS-925-97. 154 pp. Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. http ://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/birds/wiscbird/index.htm (Version 03JUN2002).

The original guidebook is out-of-print, but the USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center has placed the entire 154 page guidebook online. For anyone in the Midwest this guidebook is full of useful information on managing habitat for grassland birds.
This publication is designed to help managers plan and implement habitat management for grassland birds in Wisconsin. We describe the goals and organizing principles of grassland bird management in the state, beginning with some definitions and a discussion of bird-habitat relationships and bird distribution. We then discuss overall management philosophy, and proceed to identify management priorities for both grassland birds and habitats statewide. General habitat management guidelines are then discussed, as are management recommendations based on species' responses to general and specific management practices. Lastly, we address management issues and priorities for birds and habitats within each natural division in Wisconsin (Figure 1).5

This guide should help land owners, land managers, and planners identify the grassland bird species, communities, and habitats of management concern both in their local areas and statewide, and it should also help them determine what management practices will support specific habitats, bird species, or communities. We also identify specific landscapes, sites, and properties worthy of special management attention in Wisconsin.
The guide can be read online or downloaded:
NPWRC :: Managing Habitat for Grassland Birds <i>A Guide for Wisconsin</i>

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Some excellent information. I so wish more people took the time to read such information even if not involved with management of openlands. A better understanding of how necessary these plant and animal communities are to the health of the land would go a long way toward galvanizing action.
There is much we can do as individuals even with no experience. Those already on the job are eager to help us learn and show us how to participate.
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