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Default Pollinator Habitat in Agriculture, Money Talks

This video has been up for a year and only has 145 views recorded. It deserves much more.
From Native Pollinators | Welcome# it is exciting to see farms and vineyards using this information.

"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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This was a nice video, I only with it were more of a series to show what's happening at first and weather or not the diversity is increasing from there.

An issue might be youtube's lack of a nature/gardening catagory. I have a bunch of videos on there about plants, and rarely after the video is done do I get suggestions that are relevant. When searching for other videos like Liatris for example I'd say only 3 results have anything to do with the plants. The rest are all songs or unrelated videos.
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I read in a Listserv folk were concerned about some of the species of plants being recommended. I've had some time to watch the video and think I've figured out what the "buzz" was all about. I liked the direction that Xerces Society Pollinator Program Director Mace Vaughan was going!!! I’m not exactly thrilled with John Anderson of Hedgerow Farms promoting “weeds” starting at 2:59 and after watching that portion a few times and looking up some of his “recommendations”…. I’m sorta scratching my head wondering why Xerces invited him and his kiddie pool of “weeds”? Totally disappointed with him advocating the use of Doveweed (Murdannia nudiflora) PLANTS Profile for Murdannia nudiflora (nakedstem dewflower) | USDA PLANTS and Daggerweed (Xanthium spinosum) PLANTS Profile for Xanthium spinosum (spiny cocklebur) | USDA PLANTS on our roadways and corridors and I wish he wouldn’t have used common names of those plants when he was talking otherwise it wouldn’t have taken me so long looking up what he was really suggesting. I raise my eyebrow at the tarweeds he suggested because there’s a good reason why farmers don’t like them PLANTS Profile for Hemizonia (tarweed) | USDA PLANTS but at least those are indigenous to most of CA but… sorta self defeating suggesting the planting of anything that spreads the way tarweeds do since we all know farmers will start spraying the chemical du jour the minute tarweeds start showing up in their fields competing for resources with cash crops. I’ve still got this really bad taste in my mouth for Purple Loosestrife and all the cultivars of that species that are still getting spread around by bee keepers and telling farmers they should be using noxious weeds to encourage native pollinators just sounds like trouble in the making…. especially if folk start taking his advice using them on their own since.... he "introduced" them to attendees when he dragged out his kiddie pool of drought tolerant plants that can grow in the cracks of concrete. There’s much more ecologically responsible plants to suggest that woulda been a win win for the native bees and the local farmers. Other than that one guy…. I liked the video and I really liked the insight provided by Gio Ferrendelli of Muller Brothers Farm. He got it right…. native plants for native pollinators and… there’s a tremendous amount of potential out there.
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