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Default Anyone aware of renting honeysuckle poppers?

Restoration will begin soon on our small area of woodland and the first thing will be to butcher some honeysuckle.

Instead of paying for a tool to use for a single afternoon I would prefer to rent - anyone know of any national level places that rent them?
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I've been to a few rental places and I've not seen either the honeysuckle popper or the weed wrench. I don't think they've gained in popularity enough for people to know to ask for them. Quite a few forest preserve districts use the weed wrench. Maybe you could ask if they offer them to the public for a small deposit>? Otherwise try hooking them up to the back of your riding lawn mower or a car, they're pretty shallow rooted and should come out pretty easy if you go slow. I've pulled some out using our riding lawn mower. I used a chain saw and did a little trim job to get in and then hooked them up and out they came. Just another idea so maybe you don't have to buy one.
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If you are not able to find a honeysuckle popper or weed wrench, something like this might work; and it might be easier to find:
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