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Having just returned from a road trip out west, frankly I was shocked at the cattle in Nevada. (No offense to anyone here intended). It was shocking, coming from lush green Illinois to see the western cattle on the open range. I can't believe there is enough out there for them to eat.

Some places were irrigating patches of desert so cattle would have something to eat.

Quite frankly, if you have to irrigate pasture, its probably not the right location for that.

And I felt bad for the cattle on the open lands, where there was nothing but scrub.

And I saw the California dairy cows in huge feed lots, which confirmed my notion that California cows are not necessarily happy cows. :-)
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After the cattle strip what minute amounts of forage does exist on that land (and tear it up in the process), there is little, if any, forage left for the animals who live there.

It angers me to think about it.

Donna in Nebraska
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