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Default Saskatchewan seeks a different 'BFF': the black-footed ferret

Saskatchewan seeks a different 'BFF': the black-footed ferret
Last seen in 1937, the species is now recovering from near-extinction
Last Updated: Thursday, April 9, 2009 | 2:39 PM CT
CBC News

Saskatchewan seeks a different 'BFF': the black-footed ferret
excerpt from above:
The last reliable sighting of the animal in Saskatchewan was recorded in 1937, according to Pat Fargey, a species at risk biologist at Grasslands National Park.

Although its range extended through the United States and into Mexico, by the 1970's it was believed the animal was extinct.
"We believe that we now have a suitable home here for ferrets," Fargey told CBC News. He pointed out that the Grasslands National Park has a prairie dog population that would be a reliable source of food for the ferrets.
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This sounds like a project that could be successful. First the larger grassland projects that helped increase prairie dog populations now a predator for the prairie dog. The community matures in complexity with each step.
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I think The Nature Conservancy helped them restore at least some of the grasslands. Other grass roots organizations also helped. They deserve a big round of applause for managing the invasive species in the Saskatchewan grasslands. Because of this the black-footed ferret has a chance.
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