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Default Breeding birds revival Stephen Packard

Woods and Prairie Blog post about the return of bird diversity at Somme Woods over the many years of restoration work.


Read "Don't Hurt The Woodcocks" while you are at the blog. The picture of the eggs is awesome and watching out so as to not step on the nests is timely advice.

Strategies for Stewards: from woods to prairies : Don't Hurt Woodcocks?
"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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Great Stuff, I love his blog. In his stuff I find he talks about things I can see in my own small chunk of the world. I notice how Sugar Maples can take over a woodlot, I have areas that have nothing growing on the ground but Sugar Maple seedlings. The ground is a carpet of them.
It always leaves me feeling helpless. I mean how can one person improve/restore his land to bring it back to its best state?
I'm just one old guy, I don't have an army of volunteers.

What I'd love to find is a book on restoring lands. It would give you a list of priority items and then as one has time you could work on the less important things.

Oh, well, I got a field to clean up before I plant Native grasses and forbs this spring, gotta get back to work.
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Garden Revolution by Larry Weaner had some useful tips for restoration, and he cites a book called Landscape Restoration Handbook by Donald Harker, et al., as well as many other citations. My county library has some of these texts available, maybe check your library system.

Something like a carpet of sugar maple seedlings could be killed with a brush blade on a string trimmer. It would probably take one person a long time depending on the size of the area, while the pros have specialized mowers and equipment to work quickly.
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