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Default Doing Nothing Might Be Best Management Decision for Forests Destroyed

Doing Nothing Might Be Best Management Decision for Forests Destroyed by Wind or Ice
Oct. 17, 2012

Doing nothing might be best management decision for forests destroyed by wind or ice
excerpt from above:
In newscasts after intense wind and ice storms, damaged trees stand out: snapped limbs, uprooted trunks, entire forests blown nearly flat.

In a storm's wake, landowners, municipalities and state agencies are faced with important financial and environmental decisions.

A study by Harvard University researchers, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and published in the journal Ecology, yields a surprising result...
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pawprint Logical

I think, this is typical 'Harvard Logic', which is based upon the neo-liberal notion that targeted destruction yields wonderful new growth, always at the expense of existing colonies. They have earned & deserve the dishonour of 'do nothing management as a practice'. Milton Friedman is well known as a destruction Capitalist, and 'Harvard Logic' actively seek chaos based economic experiments, worldwide, for many, many years.

I never hold with neo-liberal management, and I welcome news reports as this one from ScienceDaily. Because it documents the reality of 'Harvard Logic', this story concludes an all too familiar excuse: "Although a blown-down forest appears chaotic," she says, "it is functioning as a forest and doesn't need us to clean it up."

I would like to offer a different reality, well documented By Chris Woodka, The Pueblo Chieftain, Colo. Aug. 27, 2007:

Beetles Devour Colorado Forests: An Unstoppable Wave Could Devastate 3 Million Acres of Lodgepole Pines. - Science News - redOrbit

This news concludes without the typical neo-liberal excuse, but offers a reality based forecast: “The beetle situation in five to 10 years will have far more damaging consequences to our water shed than in 50-100 years by global warming. We don’t have much time.”

If some of you wonder why, oh why, would I even stir the economic, political, management pot ~~just look around this country (USA) and realize just how pitiful this chaos/death based management approach exists, insisted upon at schools such as Harvard, and others. I submit a differing news report to rebutt the typical Harvard conclusion.

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Harvard Logic and "chaos/death based management" approaches, eh? That made my day reading that!!!
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