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FruitGrapes new canes for this year2012

Hi Equilibrium, tyty for the thoughtful response! Yep your right about the morning glory, invasive noxious weed~~but it is so pretty!~~ I'll make sure those seeds get collected and not allowed to escape. I have the morning glory growing on purpose in it's own place, surrounded by a sea of hardwood sawdust(my measure to stop grass in that part of the yard). I will try to keep it well contained to its trellis this year. Next year, I may try your suggested alternatives in that plot in the yard, Ipomoeacordatotriloba and Ipomoea pandurata.

As for pictures of you nuking your plants, post them on this thread if ya want, that would be awesome to see. I like the excitement of 'action shots', the actual practices demonstrated with photography. Although your written description is quite complete & I think I now comprehend some of your careful processes involved in moderating 'to much of a good thing'.

I too have the desire to carefully nuke some vines! hahaha hummmm that sounds like a funny play on words: 'carefully nuke'. I still have no progress to show toward my grafting grapevine strategy, I still have a few other projects on top of the hill, more pressing to me just now. Hopefully I will have something to report this winter, which is when I'll be working down in the hollar.

Benj1's green thumb gave me an encouraging hint tho, as I went searching & found one 2"diameter vine that I cut earlier this year, and just as Benj1 explained, I found the severed vine already yielding several new canes, now close to the ground (see attached pix)& therefore more easily managed by me.

To restate my mission: I wish to pull/direct the (large vine in the picture) laying on the ground to the sunny spot very close by, in fact this one in the picture is at the edge of logging road, I shall pull him further into the road to 'catch more sunlight'. And once I've done that work of getting an healthy active end of the grapevine to a sunny spot~~~graph some tricky new type grapevine varieties to the existing very healthy vine~~~. Also I have learned that you can drive over those big ole vines & they don't seem too mind too much, they will even put down more roots in an attempt to anchor themselves, the trick is not to drive over the humped up parts that will catch on the underside of the truck.

I mean wouldn't it be cool if those new canes were replaced with some nice table grape varieties, to heartily thrive from the established vine/root structure!

I still think this is a funny game.

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huge wild grapevines the conversion?-wildgrapevine-new-canes.jpg  
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