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Default Greenhouse Selection and Design Book

If you would like to dig deep into greenhouse selection and design, this is an excellent book:


If you're considering building a home greenhouse, the award-winning Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners will help you evaluate your options. This comprehensive, easy-to-read guide covers greenhouse basics, selecting a greenhouse, greenhouse planning, framing materials and glazing, greenhouse layouts and equipment, the greenhouse environment, window greenhouses and growth chambers, and garden structures. It will enable both aspiring and practicing greenhouse operators to make informed decisions about foundations, glazing and framing materials, space utilization, interior design, heating and cooling systems, supplemental lighting, and watering and fertilizing systems. Other design and construction issues cover cold frames, hotbeds, shade houses, rowcovers, and high tunnels. Nearly 150 illustrations and ten do-it-yourself plans enhance this practical book. Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners was written by John W. Bartok, Jr., Professor Emeritus in the Department of Natural Resources Management and Engineering at the University of Connecticut, and was published in 2000 by NRAES, the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service.
Whether you are building it yourself, buying a commercial unit or hiring a contractor to build one for you, this book will help you make all the right choices. And the answer is no, I don't even loan out my copy to my best friends.
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This is a very good book. I borrowed it from the library before we built our greenhouse. Excellent chapter on glazing. It was a real big help to me. Nice that you mentioned this. I should go back and borrow the book again because I do now remember it had an area for cold frames and I'd like a few of those.
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Something I should check out also. I bought 2 commercial greenhouses a few years ago. A scammer thoroughly messed them up: no electricity, and one of the covers blew off. There they sit. Waiting for compensation from the justice system.

Waiting for Guidot.
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