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Default Native grass seed or plugs sources

I've been slowly, very slowly, working on clearing an area behind our house so I can turn it into a nice little meadow of native-grasses.

One weekend when I was away for a while, my spouse decided to take steps, cleared most of it and even went as far as raking it and lightly loosening the top layer of soil (on one of his tractor binges).

Now I have a large, bare space that really needs to have something done with it before the English Ivy, Oriental bittersweet, Bermudagrass, Japanese honeysuckle, etc. move in.

I'd like Sorghastrum, Panicum (I have some of this elsewhere, but didn't know to prepare for this!), some bluestem, and other natives. Anyone know of a good source for seed or smaller plants?

In the past I've always just bought a few good-size plants at the arboretum, and I thought I'd be doing the same in this area, and working on one small patch at a time, but now I find myself with a big area to do all at once!

(Plan B is to cover the whole space with black plastic and proceed with my initial plan to slowly work on one small spot at a time)
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Ion Exchange, Prairie Moon or Prairie Nursery are all good sources of native plants and seeds. Ion Exchange is a good bet for less expensive plugs. You may however have a local source nearby that will provide a better genotype match for your area.

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I also would highly recommend Prairie Moon Nursery...the only problem being that they are located pretty far from your area. For me in MN they are one of the best of sources.
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Santa Rosa Gardens. Excellent source for 4" pots and good starts. Reasonable prices. Excellent service and quality of plants. Packed well for shipping. If you wait for their sale in late spring and again in late fall, you can rake in a lot of grass starts for cheap. They sell quite a number of native grasses along with the, uh, "other kind".
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