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Default Little Blue Stem Question

This Spring I planted 6 little blue stem plants. They were planted in an area of lawn, which I had covered with card board fall last fall and didn't remove until the Little Blue Stem plants were to go in. Since this was former lawn, and I'm using the term loosely, there were a lot of assorted grass and weed seeds waiting for their chance to grow. When weeding the Little Blue Stem bed how do I tell what to pull and what not to pull? I've read that Little Blue Stem is a clumping grass so do I just pull anything that's not part of the Little Blue stem clump? I'm assuming that these clumps will grow and merge over time. The bed is bordered by white clover, but I want to keep the actual bed free of anything but the Little Blue Stem until it can get established, so I'm even pulling any clover that spreads into the bed, although it gets coddled and encouraged every other place it wants to grow in the lawn. It even gets watered regularly, and I've never wasted a drop of water on my lawn. When a neighbor made a remark to me about this during a long hot dry spell, I told him I like walking on crunchy grass.
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Little Bluestem is a bunch grass. Won't spread by rhizomes, so if its not part of the main clump, should be good to pull. If you are pulling on the main plant, it will be very hard to pull up, so that should be indicative.

Adding straw mulch will help to keep things away from the plants directly. Can be placed directly up to the grass. Clover will help bluestem grow and not overtake it, if you like how they look together.

Why remove the cardboard? This can be left in place to decompose and worms/fungi love it. Adding mulch on top of that will allow it to fit in better to the landscape. It can also be added back to help keep things manageable.
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