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Fine Print

We extend a warm invitation to join us in a casual environment... an opportunity to chat, exchange ideas, debate, and to share your knowledge, experiences, and resources.

You must register to post in our Forums and Galleries. Registration is free. Once registered, you may take advantage of the posting and social networking we offer. When you become a regular to Wildlife Gardeners, you will attain greater privileges and access, and be encouraged to contribute content.

Before you begin, we ask that you review the Fine Print of our Community. We ask you to abide by and respect these conditions, as they are for everyone’s protection, consideration, and continued enjoyment of Wildlife Gardeners.

Our Members

Wildlife Gardeners welcomes all persons, regardless of nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and culture. We do not screen minors (13+) from registering, but we will actively monitor their interaction with adult Members of our Community. Similarly, all member-to-member relations are expected to be respectful and sensitive to each other’s preferences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, young or old, or how long you’ve been gardening or even what skillset you've acquired. We hope you can find something in our Forums that has meaning to you, and that you can communicate your reactions to it intelligently. No, you don’t need to be a card-carrying member of MENSA, but it would be nice if you mastered subtleties like grammar and spelling. Please know this is an English-speaking site.

Regarding “Freedom of Speech,” and assorted privileges: As the majority of human discourse does not necessarily include foul language, obscene materials, or otherwise specifically “adult” topics (nudity, pornography, explicit subject matter), it is not our intent to serve as parents or police for our Guests. While it is definitely not among our values, interests, or mission to contribute to the “corruption” of minors, we ask that all Visitors regard Wildlife Gardeners as having the same latitude as a public library; i.e. we shall not actively prevent anyone’s access to discussion or subjects that their family, religion, country, or culture may deem inappropriate or objectionable. Our belief is that it’s up to the guardians of any minor individual to mutually explore and discuss ideas and events in our world. How they accomplish [or restrict] this is their own responsibility.

If you don’t want your kid interacting with adults or looking at visual works, block our site. We will be happy to recommend software. We will actively and severely pursue even the perceived exploitation of any minor Member of our Board.

Wildlife Gardeners is domiciled in the United States. We welcome all North American Guests with a computer connection. vBulletin (our software) and etool chest (our electronic residence) share no liability for the content of this Board or the conduct of its Members. Presently, the Administrators of this Board are located in IL, Virginia, and WI. It is our intention to abide by the laws of our States and those of the applicable, superseding Federal authorities.

Though common sense is difficult to dictate, we ask that you honor the rules and practices of your respective locations. Glaring violations (see “What You May NOT Post,” below) will be reported to the appropriate authorities. In the event that one jurisdiction contravenes the legislation of another, the more narrowly construed laws shall be followed

What You May Post

Nearly anything on topic and consistent with the focus of the board in which you are posting. Please refer to the next section, “What You May NOT Post” in Fine Print II for a general idea of what we’re looking to avoid. Wildlife Gardeners was not created to enforce an individual will or the expectations of a few persons except where absolutely and unavoidably necessary. There are thousands of options out there and we're grateful you chose us.

It is expected that there will be disagreement, sometimes strong or uncomfortable. It is important, at those times—for all involved—to recognize that this is a message board, on the Internet, which you can turn off and leave forever. Though we would prefer that you negotiate favorable conclusions and come to productive decisions among yourselves, we are not trying to bind you to an unreasonable standard of conduct. It is our belief that you really have to go out of your way to look like a jerk. Getting bent out of shape is, unfortunately, also to be expected, but no one here intends you harm.
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